Product Design

Full Figma designs and a clickable prototype of your software, so you know exactly how it will look and feel.

What is Product Design?

Product design is the process of taking the deliverables of Analysis & Scoping and utilising them to create the UI and UX of your digital product. What you will receive are designs of each window of your product completed in Figma, joined together in a prototype to mimic the final, fully developed product. You will be able to use this prototype to show a glimpse of the final product to your partners, investors and clients.

UI Design

UI (user interface) design is the creation of the look of your digital product. It involves creating the colour scheme, the design of each window within your software, the size and position of important buttons and information. Great user interface design makes sure that the user is never lost within an app and always knows which step to take next.

UX Design

UX (user experience) design is the implementation of the features of a digital product into a cohesive flow for a user. A well-balanced UX means that users do not find the use of software tedious and get their problems solved in a productive and informative fashion.


Prototyping is the mid-point of the whole software development process. It is where the UI and UX designs are brought to life with a clickable prototype that acts very similarly to the final product, albeit without the use of a database (for example, new users cannot be created). Nevertheless, a prototype is a tangible example of how the software will look and feel when completed.

User Testing

Upon receiving a prototype, you can test your product even before the development begins (or while it is happening). Our prototypes are detailed enough for you to receive feedback from your colleagues, pitch to investors and perform testing with potential users to gather feedback. The prototype created in this stage fully belongs to you.

Changes Made Easy

One of the biggest advantages of developing a prototype is the ease of changes to the design. If there is something that you do not like, suggestions that users gave or additional features that have to be included, adding them in the prototype stage is significantly less time consuming compared to editing a product that is already mid-development.

Design and Scoping

The Analysis & Scoping and Product Design stages are often joined together, when our client is sure about launching their product to the market and wants to do it as quickly as possible. This way we are able to reduce the number of total workshops required to fully design your software.

Key benefits

Know What You Get

By receiving a fully-functional clickable prototype at the end of the process, you will know exactly how your product will look and feel at the end of development, before it even begins. You will be able to bring the prototype to investors, partners and test any assumptions about its functionality before fully investing in development.

Reduce Costs, Save Time

If any things that can be improved are found at this stage, the features, UX or design of your product are much easier to change than after development. Test your product and make sure that it solves your customers’ problems before development.

Why Clients Trust Us

We were able to launch the first version of the system within a few months which was a great achievement from the whole team. Following the initial launch we have continued with improvement iterations and build additional features and modules making the system more complex. There was a great overall communication with the whole team. I appreciate their creativity and strong understanding of our business needs.

Carl Åhslund - CEO Open Infra US

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