Analysis & Scoping

Determine the necessary features, database diagrams, user stories and flows of your product to simplify development.

What is Analysis & Scoping?

Analysis and Scoping is the initial planning stage for further development of your product. Through workshops with our product team (project manager, designers and developers), you will provide a detailed description of your expectations for the project, while we will turn them into pre-development documentation: user flows, user stories and database diagrams. That way both you and we will know exactly what features and capabilities the product should have and as a result, an accurate time & price estimate can be provided.


The workshops in this stage are a collaboration between you and our product team. You will tell us about the vision of your product, what value it has to bring to the customers and what problems should it solve. We will go through this information and test whether those things are possible to implement.


After the initial workshops, our developers will work on analysing the practical implications of each desired goal and use case of your product. The technical feasibility of certain features will be analysed and the best methods to implement the features will be planned.

User Stories

User stories are, simply put, the features your product, formulated as use cases. They are phrased in this format: “as a <user role>, I must be able to <achieve outcome>”. For example, “as a registered user, I must be able to change my profile image”. User stories are very important to document the things that your app must do. Anything beyond that is not important in the development process.

User Flows

User flows are the paths that the users of your product can take, expressed in a scheme. They demonstrate which menus and windows the users have to go through to reach the goals described in the user stories. They are important to make sure that the user experience is as fluent and simple and possible and to plan the user interface - the functionalities each window should have.

Database Diagrams

Database diagrams are created by developers to indicate the relations between different types of information in a database and to make the structure as simple as possible. This is important to ensure simple scalability of your product in the future.

Design and Scoping

The Analysis & Scoping and Product Design stages are often joined together, when our client is sure about launching their product to the market and wants to do it as quickly as possible. This way we are able to reduce the number of total workshops required to fully design your software.

Key benefits

Clarity of Scope

Our software engineers will work with you to determine which features of your product are necessary for launch and which are better kept for future iterations. Launch ASAP with the functionality that makes a difference.

Secure Guarantees

Exactly define what your app will have at the end of development, so you are 100% sure of what you will get. We promise to deliver exactly what is defined at the Analysis and Scoping stage.

Why Clients Trust Us

We were able to launch the first version of the system within a few months which was a great achievement from the whole team. Following the initial launch we have continued with improvement iterations and build additional features and modules making the system more complex. There was a great overall communication with the whole team. I appreciate their creativity and strong understanding of our business needs.

Carl Åhslund - CEO Open Infra US

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