Social Network for Dogs in New York



Native iOS App

Product type

Digital Products (SAAS)

Tool used


Client's problem

Our client saw a gap in the market for dog-focused social networks and wanted us to develop an app to be used by dog owners in the New York area.
The logo of Mond, a social network for dogs



UX/UI Design


API implementation

Native App Development

Our solution

As a result, we built a native iOS mobile app with Bubble. Mond has features normally found in other social networks: personal profiles (in Mond’s case, the profile describes the dog, not the owner. Details include the breed, whether the dog is neutered, level of energy, etc.), a news feed, photo uploads, adding friends and personal messaging. However, the main feature of Mond is a map with all of the dog parks in the New York area. Users can voluntarily check in a dog park, in which case all other users of the app will see that they’re currently there. Visits to the park can also be scheduled. Scheduled visits can be seen on friends’ feeds. In addition, people who have Instagram profiles of their dogs can sync them to the dog app - all of their Instagram photos will also be visible on their Mond profile. If dog owners meet other app users in real life, they can add them to their friend list by scanning a QR code, in which case they will instantly become friends, with no confirmation needed.

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