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Social Network

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Digital Products (SAAS)

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Client's problem

The client wanted to build a social network and a community platform where residents belonging to the same city's region could decide which streets should be closed for cars. For the project to work, it would have to integrate with smart cameras and sensors on the street.
The word KIWI written in a custom font



Design Strategy

UX/UI Design


Web Development

API Development

Hardware Integrations

Our solution

For this project, we created a social network platform on Bubble where residents could voice their opinions and initiate polls to close (or open) certain streets. The admin could set up new blocks/regions if required. The feed was similar to that of Facebook groups and had specific logic where people could only sign-up if they were confirmed by the admin that they belonged to a specific apartment. The voting functionality also had specific voting logic. The project involved various integrations with smart signs so that when a car passes by a street, the hardware (smart signs + cameras) would send the plate numbers to our systems and then according to the valid rules at that moment, the platform built on Bubble would send a response whether that person can enter the street. This solution was implemented on the streets of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

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