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Digital Products (SAAS)

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Client's problem

The client wanted to find a way to compare prices of mobile phones and associated network services in an easy and transparent manner, aimed at the Luxembourg area. With all of the relevant information located in a single website, users could see the full picture and make an informed buying decision.
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UX/UI Design


Blog built on Webflow

Web Development

Database structure


Our solution

We built LetzCompare - a price comparison website for telecom services and phones. It set out as an MVP to test the idea with potential audiences. After a successful proof of concept, we finished the website and made it into a fully functional product with a clever custom data filtering solution. LetzCompare is a great example of going around Bubble’s backend and frontend limitations to deliver the best possible performance with a product-specific data structure. It was achieved using regular server filters and advanced filters in the front-end at the same time. To avoid long loading times, we juggled shown data using different element states that load different database queries and are displayed based on their load speed/status. It allows seeing the data even as the app is still processing a user’s search. This logic uses the website’s resources in an optimal way and results in a fluent user experience.

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