ChatGPT Alternative for Your Business - Without the Risks

Secure, customizable, and cost-effective internal chatGPT-like platform for your company
The Probems of Using Public ChatGPT for Your Company
Make sure your in-control of your company's sensitive data
Risk of data exposure with public ChatGPT
ChatGPT by default trains their model on user inputs, make sure these inputs do not contain your company's trade secrets or sensitive data.
Challenges in managing user accounts and subscriptions
It's difficult to control user access and what your employees and colleague are sharing with chatGPT.
High cost of enterprise solutions
Even though the Enterprise solution offers data privacy, the subscriptions costs of a ChatGPT enterprise usually starts at more than $100k/year.

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Each Internal AI Platform Includes

Data Privacy

The system will use OpenAI's API, which ensures that the data is not used for their model training. All of the information and conversation history of your company will be yours and yours only.

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Custom Model Creation

Inside of this system you and your team will be able to create and share custom models and agents to supercharge your work productivity. One person creates the model and can share it with the team. This will let you automate content writing across departments, problem solving, proposal creation, answering technical questions specific to your company and many other use-cases.

Internal chat gpt product model creation page

Personalized Training

Before you start using the system we'll train you and your team how to best utilize AI models, where to use them at work, so that they can massively improve their productivity. Bain in their study showcased that use of AI tools can increase a person's effectiveness by 50% or more!

Personalised training for Internal AI ChatGPT Product

Get Started with Your Bespoke Internal AI System Today

How it works

Make sure your in-control of your company's sensitive data
Step One

A free strategy call to understand your needs and showcase the solution

We'll tailor the solution specifically for your company and outlines the custom AI models that will help signficantly improve your company's productivity.

Step Two

Custom AI system development and deployment

In under a month we'll develop and deploy the custom AI product to a separate server instance so you could start using it in your company ASAP, all for a one-time fee. We'll guide you through the process and setup the system for your use.

Step Three

Team training and continuous support

We'll host a training for the team of your choice, where we'll educate the team how to use the system and AI to massively improve their productivity. We'll be there to support your team and the system for long time to come.

Get in Touch for a Personalized Demo

A 30 minute call to find out what custom AI models will unlock the most value for you
Ability to see how the system works in action
Provide next steps to implement it into your organization
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is our sensitive data at risk of being made public with this internal AI solution?

No, there is no risk of your sensitive data being made public. Our solution uses a dedicated server instance to host your internal ChatGPT, ensuring that all your data is isolated and protected from external access or exposure.

What is an internal AI solution, and how is it hosted for our company?

Our internal ChatGPT is a custom AI solution hosted on a separate server instance provided by, specifically for your company. This setup ensures that your data is kept private and is not shared with or accessible by other entities. It functions similarly to the regular ChatGPT but with enhanced privacy and dedicated server space.

How does using OpenAI's API ensure our data privacy?

We utilize OpenAI's API, which has a strict policy that the data processed over the API is not used for model training or any other purposes. This ensures that all your data interactions through our internal ChatGPT remain confidential and secure, adhering to the highest standards of data privacy.

Can we integrate AI solutions from providers other than OpenAI, like Anthropic or Google?

Absolutely. While our default setup uses OpenAI's API, we offer the flexibility to integrate with other AI providers like Anthropic's Claude 2.1. This allows your company to choose the AI technology that best fits your specific needs and preferences.

Can we create custom AI models specific to our company's needs?

Yes, our internal ChatGPT solution allows you to create custom AI models tailored to your business needs. Whether you're using OpenAI's API or another provider, you can develop models that are specifically designed for your unique requirements.

What kind of training and support do you provide for this technology?

We offer comprehensive training and support for implementing and using this technology. Our team will assist you in setting up the system, creating custom models, and provide ongoing technical support as needed, ensuring a smooth integration into your business processes.

How is the cost structured for your internal AI Platform solution?

Our pricing is straightforward. You pay a one-time fee for setting up your dedicated server instance and custom AI solution. The ongoing cost is based on the actual API usage, with no additional subscription fees. Optional tech support is available if required.

How does the system manage user access and permissions?

The system includes a management interface that lets you control user access and permissions with ease. You can designate access to specific team members, ensuring the right people have the appropriate tools and resources.

What happens if we face technical issues with the internal AI platform?

Our technical support team is always ready to assist with any issues or questions. We provide expert support to ensure your system functions efficiently, helping you resolve any technical challenges promptly.

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