Flusk Review - Improving Bubble Security Measures

Rokas Jurkėnas
May 13, 2024
May 10, 2024
Flusk Review - Improving Bubble Security Measures

Most of the concern about no-code apps like Bubble is that people believe it does not have solid security measures. While this is not necessarily true, it can easily be improved with a few extra precautions, and if you do not want to do this yourself, there is always Flusk.

Flusk was created with the idea of improving Bubble's security measures. It offers all sorts of ways to improve the security of the Bubble app and just generally protect your sensitive data and provide a secure environment.

The problem: Bubble app security

Bubble.io is a popular choice for developers looking to build and deploy apps quickly. Security is crucial in protecting user data and privacy within the Bubble.io platform. However, concerns are growing about the platform’s built-in security capabilities.

Security limitations

Person working on security limitations

One of the most pressing issues with Bubble.io as a no-code platform is the security risks and considerations due to the lack of solid, built-in security checks. This lack requires the integration of third-party security tools that provide more extensive monitoring and auditing services.

These tools are not just add-ons, but essential components for the security of applications built on top of Bubble.io.

Data vulnerabilities

Another major concern is the potential for data leakage for apps built with Bubble.io. The configuration of the platform, particularly in terms of privacy rules and API workflows, can leave gaps that can lead to data breaches.

Compliance Challenges

Guaranteeing compliance with strict regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is also a challenge for Bubble.io. The platform does not naturally guarantee compliance, pushing developers towards third-party solutions that can provide the necessary assurances and documentation to meet these regulatory requirements.

Lack of proactive security features

Bubble.io also lacks security features that can proactively detect and address vulnerabilities in new deployments. This flaw means that any update or change to an application could introduce new security risks that are not immediately identified or addressed by the platform itself.

Manual security management

Finally, the dependence on manual management of security issues is a significant drawback. Bubble.io does not provide sufficient tools to resolve security issues within its environment. Developers must rely on external documentation and support.

While Bubble.io allows for fast application development, it fails to provde the best security infrastructure. Developers are forced to look for additional security solutions to protect their applications from vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with privacy laws.

The solution: Flusk

Flusk provides essential security and monitoring for Bubble.io apps. It automatically checks over 20 security points each time you deploy a new version. You don’t have to manage security; Flusk does it for you. By integrating Flusk, developers can ensure their Bubble.io projects are not just efficient but also part of a secure platform with protective measures.

Flusk also helps you monitor your app’s health. It detects and logs errors automatically. This means you can fix issues before users even notice them.

Need to deploy a new app version? Flusk’s smart deployment feature makes this easy. It lets you launch new updates when no users are online.

Flusk Features: Sensitive Data Security

Flusk UI

Flusk offers quite a few tools to secure Bubble applications. Key features include:

  • Automated security audits: Flusk performs automated security audits on Bubble apps, examining over 20 checkpoints to quickly identify potential security issues.
  • Real-time monitoring: The tool monitors apps in real-time and provides notifications and alerts for any security issues that arise.
  • Privacy and data leakage protection: Flusk checks for data leaks and ensures that privacy rules are properly configured, even when the Data API is disabled, to protect sensitive information.
  • Third-party and API security: Flusk manages third-party access and checks the integrity of API connectors, protecting against unauthorized access and breaches.
  • In-App Support and Documentation: Flusk provides video documentation for every issue identified, making it easier for non-technical users to understand and resolve security issues.
  • Community and expertise access: Users can also opt for manual audits and consult with Flusk's security experts to improve the security of their app.
  • GDPR compliance and security certifications: Flusk is GDPR compliant, providing users with tools to generate security reports and certificates for their apps.

Flusk Features: Continuous Monitoring Technologies

Flusk like a Vault

The monitoring features provided by Flusk for Bubble applications are quite extensive and focus on providing both functionality and security. Here's a summary of the main monitoring features:

  • Error monitoring and debugging: Flusk helps you monitor your Bubble application by tracking and logging errors. It provides an all-in-one analytics solution that allows you to explore logs and track different issues. This feature is enhanced with screenshots linked to the logs for easier debugging.
  • Smart Analytics: This feature provides insights into user activity, such as who is online, what page they are visiting, and their actions on the site. It helps to understand user behavior and application performance in real-time.
  • Catch all errors: Flusk allows you to detect and collect all errors that occur in your application, even those not reported by users.
  • Deployment Strategy: Flusk provides intelligent deployment options that allow you to schedule app updates during periods of low user activity, minimizing disruptions and potential errors during peak usage times.
  • Webhooks and ultra-deep filtering: You can set up webhooks to receive alerts for specific activities, such as new release deployments, log filtering, and team collaboration. In addition, Flusk provides advanced filtering options to focus on specific logs, items, or user-triggered events for more targeted monitoring and analysis.

These features are designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of Bubble applications by providing detailed insight and proactive error management, supporting better decision-making and application optimization.

Flusk: Additional features

Flusk: Additional features

Flusk also has some extra features that improve other security vulnerabilities:

  • Audience & Customisation: Flusk customizes its services based on app traffic and business size, accommodating everything from small teams to large enterprises.

Security Services:

  • Flusk Penetrate: A core service that includes in-depth penetration testing performed by skilled engineers using proprietary tools. This service is designed to identify any vulnerabilities within a Bubble app and includes penetration testing that is safe for production workflows.
  • Flusk Vault: An advanced tool for continuous security testing and monitoring, suitable for both teams and agencies.
  • Reporting & Fixing: Flusk documents all identified security issues in a detailed report for both management and technical staff, and then works to resolve them.

Trust & Compliance:

  • Sensitive data: Engineers do not collect or store sensitive data during audits. They also make sure they can predict the impact of compromised actions without running them on live systems.
  • Non-disclosure agreement: Signed to legally protect the audit process.
  • Audit Certificate: Provided to increase customer and investor confidence.
Flusk protecting apps

Overall, Flusk is as a critical security partner for companies using Bubble.io, highlighting the importance of proactive security measures in the technology environment. They promise a mix of technical strength and dedicated customer service to help protect applications from security threats.

Flusk pricing


  • Monthly: $21/month
  • Annually: $29/month per app, billed annually.
  • Designed for: small teams starting a business on Bubble and aiming to implement their projects effectively.


  • 3 audits per month
  • Access to test and live versions
  • 1 collaborator
  • 20+ security checkpoints
  • Predict AI for proactive security measures


  • Visual Log Explorer
  • Error and activity monitoring
  • 15-day log retention
  • Weekly backups


  • Monthly: $49/month
  • Annually: $65/month per app, billed annually
  • Designed for: revenue-generating Bubble apps focused on enhancing and monitoring their software.


  • Unlimited audits per month
  • Automatic testing
  • Security badge
  • 2 collaborators
  • Tests performed upon deployment


  • Advanced Log Search
  • 30-day log retention
  • Daily backups
  • Deployment alerting
  • 2FA for added security


  • Monthly: $90/month
  • Annually: $120/month per app, billed annually
  • Designed for: larger teams aiming to expand their Bubble applications using robust tools.


  • Certificate & PDF exports
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Dedicated security team
  • Unlimited version history
  • In-person training
  • Security office hours


  • Custom alerting options
  • Smart deployments
  • Hourly backups
  • Email, push, SMS, and call notifications
  • GDPR/HIPAA compliance
  • 365-day backup and log retention

Agency Plan

  • Cost: $0/month
  • Flusk is completely free for all agencies, providing secure and optimized portfolio solutions.

Final thoughts

Flusk fixes potential security risks the Bubble app involves. It does this by performing automated security audits and monitoring applications in real-time. Not only does this method detect potential problems quickly, but it also keeps your application compliant with key compliance standards such as GDPR.

Final thoughts - Policae man

If you're an agency, you can get this app for free forever, which is a no-brainer for companies that primarily develop apps with Bubble. And even if you're not a company, it's a great investment to improve the security measures of all your apps.

With No Code being one of the fastest ways to develop software and custom apps, and with people concerned about who has access to sensitive data, Flusk ensures that sensitive information remains secure.

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