5 Best No Code Courses in 2024

Rokas Jurkėnas
December 15, 2023
December 12, 2023
5 Best No Code Courses in 2024

In the past few years, No Code has grown significantly worldwide. More companies and individuals are switching to No Code every day. Of course, it can be quite overwhelming to choose where to start, as there are a lot of No Code tools and courses available.

That is why we have vetted a list of the 5 best No Code courses out there:

The problem is that with the growing use of No Code tools, there are plenty of courses out there. It can be hard for people who don't work in the tech or marketing fields themselves to know what No Code courses are worth checking out and what aren't.

That's why we're going to go over some of the best No Code courses on the market right now, in 2024.

Udemy's The Complete No Code Developer Course: Build 23 Projects

Udemy User Interface

Udemy, a well-respected online learning platform, presents an exceptional course on No Code Development. This comprehensive program covers various topics such as designing applications, automation and database management.

Through hands-on assignments and projects, this course provides practical experience in creating web and mobile apps using No Code platforms.

Designed for novices, this course guarantees accessibility for anyone keen to delve into the realm of No Code development. All in all, this is one of the best courses out there to start learning No Code software or app development, as the only requirement for this course is a willingness to learn through practical assignments. And of course, you will have full lifetime access if you do decide to buy this course.

Price: €69.99

Coursera's Building No Code Apps with AppSheet Specialization

Coursera User Interface

For individuals seeking a structured learning journey, Coursera offers a tailored program in No Code development. This detailed course encompasses different aspects of No Code development, such as user interface and experience design, data administration, and workflow automation.

The course, led by industry professionals, shows how to create fully functional applications without writing code. Additionally, Coursera provides the convenience of self-paced education, enabling learners to advance at their own pace

Price: €46.52 Monthly subscription

Buildbox's No Code Game Development Course

Buildbox User Interface

Buildbox provides a superb No Code course, perfectly suited to gaming enthusiasts. This course focuses on developing games without traditional coding languages using Buildbox's user-friendly platform.

It teaches you how to design, develop and release your own games, opening up exciting opportunities in the gaming industry. You can find the course on their website completely for free. Considering the course is free, it is a great way to start learning to create games without knowing any programming languages.

Price: Free

Bubble's No Code Bootcamps

Bubble No Code Bootcamps

Bubble is a popular platform for creating web applications without code that enables people with absolutely no technical background to build complete web or mobile applications without code using drag-and-drop and workflows.

Bubble offers an immersive No Code Bootcamp that covers fundamental and advanced concepts for building sophisticated web applications. With a practical emphasis, graduates acquire the necessary skills for creating web applications without writing any code.

This is the best course for people who don't know how to code but still want to build software without actual programming languages. This bootcamp is a great way to start your No Code development journey if you have an idea for an app and want to bring it to life.

Price: Depends on the course

Zeroqode's self-paced courses

Zeroqode Forum User Interface

Zeroqode, a foremost supplier of No Code development tools and resources, presents courses crafted explicitly for hopeful entrepreneurs and startup founders.

These courses go beyond the fundamentals by spotlighting methods for constructing and expanding No Code startups. Concentrating on practical applications, participants can acquire many skills, including : No Code software development, data management, security engineering, and even learning to automate processes.

Also a nice addition is that the website provides an open forum about the courses if anyone has any questions.

Price: Depends on the course

There's a strong chance you want to be able to build products without a technical partner.

The choice of the top No Code course hinges on your ambitions and objectives. Whether your aim is to create web and mobile applications, captivating games, or launch a startup, there is a course perfectly matched to your requirements.

Udemy, Coursera, Buildbox, Bubble and Zeroqode provide excellent programs that cater to diverse aspects of No Code development. Invest in one of these courses to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to flourish in learning No Code without the need for traditional coding languages.

It's time to decide: are you going to continue struggling with building products, or are you going to dive in with zero risks and all to gain by learning a new skill?


We've compiled a list of the best No Code courses for you to choose from. You may find it hard to decide which one is right for you, but honestly, any of these options will be excellent.

The final decision largely depends on what type of apps or software you plan to create and what No Code technology you want to use.

If you are still not sure where to get started, get in touch with us, and we'll get your No Code journey on the way!


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